A New Innovation in Laminating Technology

Automation Alternatives Flex Lam

FlexLam, by Automation Alternatives, Inc., is a versatile and innovative laminator designed to increase productivity, provide accurate registration and reduce defects. It addresses many common laminating problems and is a perfect tool for fast and accurate multilayer lamination applications.

FlexLam Features:

  • Adjustable speed-controlled, pneumatically pressure-adjusted roller guarantees smooth, bubble-free lamination,

    Automation Alternatives Flex Lam Automation Alternatives Flex Lam

  • Pins and vacuum table hold material stationary allowing easy peel-off of release liners from selective adhesives,

    Automation Alternatives Automation Alternatives

  • Long retractable tooling pins allow accurately registered multi-layer lamination, reducing sub-assemblies, shorten lead time and decrease WIP

    Automation Alternatives Automation Alternatives

  • Configurable pins and large vacuum bed allows multiple setups on the bed to support multi-cell use in a lean manufacturing environment,
  • Micro-processor-controlled with multi-mode functionality,
  • Easy to operate,
  • Dual redundancy safety system,
  • Ample storage shelving,
  • Cost competitive, and
  • Flexible, can be set-up using pin registration for all layers, a combination of pin and Guide, or Guide only.

Example of Lamination using Pin only Registration (Combinations of Pin and edge or edge only is also possible)
1) Place Selective adhesives onto table, apply vacuum and remove release liner

Automation Alternatives Automation Alternatives Automation Alternatives

2) Place Graphic onto tooling pins

Automation Alternatives Automation Alternatives

3) Laminate and remove

Automation Alternatives Automation Alternatives Automation Alternatives

A small Video presentation of FlexLam in Action is available for Download at:


Effective Laminating Area:   
Power Supply:           
Air Supply:           
Overall Dimensions:       
Approximate Weight:
24”x24” (custom sizes also available)
120 / 220 V, 60/50 Hz, 5/3 A
80 to 100 psig
38”(L) x 67”(W) x 32” (H)
220 lbs

Assembly Automation Alternatives Inc.
7-397 Humberline Drive
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M9W 5T5
Ph: 416-674-7511
Fax: 416-674-9517


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