ASTM Membrane Switch Committee February 2006 Meeting


For a copy of the minutes from this meeting please contact Committee Chairman Alan Burk

Click Here for a copy of Bill’s Slide Presentation on results of Precision & Bias Testing.

Action Items from this Meeting: (if you have completed please let Alan know)

Force Displacement Standard
Brando to remake non-tactile curve and send to Alan.
Alan to submit revised draft for main-committee ballot.
Bill to submit ILS to ASTM & include list of labs to use.
Bill to Contact ASTM to see if use 3 different pieces of test equipment with 3 different operators at the same lab will count as 3 different laboratories.
Denny will provide Bill with a list of other laboratories that may be willing to participate in testing.
Bill to contact Bob Hartline at Bergquist to see if they would be willing to perform testing.
Ken G. to go through data already collected by LabTech to see if test shows repeatability.
May have to do again with a rigid backer
If we run again consider using solid contacts for each layer rather interdigitated design.
If we run again Brando will provide non-tactile switch sample with solid contacts – send to Labtech.
Brando to provide non-tactile switch sample with solid contacts.
Trish to provide polyester dome switch with solid contacts.
Ken G. to laminate to rigid backer.
Ken G. to provide circular flat tip probe.
F1578-01 Contact Closure Cycling
Denny to mark suggested changes and send to subcommittee by March 15, 2006 for comments.
F1996-01 Silver Migration
Alan to prepare revised document and submit for main committee ballot.
F2073-01 Short Circuit Test
Alan to submit for main committee ballot as is.
Color & Luminance F2359 & F2360 ILS
Neil to submit ILS to ASTM
Neil to modify spreadsheet to include x & y axis in cumulative field. E-mail to Bill D. w/c 2/13/06
Alan to review test method to see if a calibrated power supply was included
Bill to inquire with ASTM to see if we need to submit P&B to ballot?
Bill to contact Walt Paciorek at Durel to ask interested to join subcommittee.

Ken K. to call Tom Brown at Oryon to ask if interested to join subcommittee.
UL – Membrane Switch as a Recognized UL Component
Denny will create matrix (application vs. hazard/risk vs. design) and send it to everyone on the committee for comment by 2-16.
Comments back to Denny by 2-28.
Alan to set up Virtual Meeting to finalize matrix– tentative date 3-21
Determining the Luminance Curve of an Electroluminescent Lamp at Ambient Conditions.
Need volunteer to create a draft for June 2006 meeting – contact Alan.
F1596 Temp Humidity
Denny to provide ramp rates by June 2006 meetings for discussion.
F1661 Contact Bounce Time – needs Major Revision
Ken G. to review the definitions of contact bounce time with reset to SLTV and SUTV. Mark up any other changes and send to Alan.
Alan to submit for ballot after receiving all suggested changes.
F1681 Current Carrying Capacity
Ken K. review changes with Ken G. and make a draft of revisions by June 2006 meetings.
Alan to send a copy of the standard to Ken.
F2112 Terminology – needs updating annually–
Peter to review terms from all standards and recommend changes or inclusion to the standard.
Alan to submit for balloting after receiving from Peter.
Assigned Draft Preparation
D3363 Pencil Hardness Test
Neil to discuss with Mike S., Allan B., John C. to see what needs to be done.

Brando will create a draft for review at the June 2006 meeting.
Acrylic PSA reaction with UV inks
Michelle to create a draft for review at June 2006.
Proofing standard for printing.
Bea to discuss with Bruce Ridge to understand and possibly create a draft of a standard.
Defining color standard for substrates
Bea to discuss with Bruce Ridge to understand and possibly create a draft of a standard
CMYK standards
Bea to discuss with Bruce Ridge to understand and possibly create a draft of a standard
Nigel to create a draft of Contamination Ingress and Penetration to include Hosedown, Dust (Particulate Infiltration), Atmospheric Pollutants (H2S, Acid Rain) , Salt Fog.
Unassigned Draft Preparation – need volunteers to create a draft.
Functional Performance
Abrasion of Markings & Lettering Caused by Rubbing of Fingers & Hands similar to CEI-IEC 68-2-70
Analog Touch Screen Linearity Testing
Mechanical Shock
Shipping Vibration
Contact Pin Crimping Resistance
Conductive Trace – what is a good printed trace?

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