ASTM F01.18 Membrane Switch Committee Meeting January 2008

LabTech – Phoenix, Arizona
Winner of 2008 PHOENIX Trophy
Neil Bolding (Co-Chairman) Presented Denny with the newly established annual award.
For a copy of the minutes from this meeting please contact Committee Chairman Alan Burk
Action Items (shown in red) from this Meeting:

  • F1597 Actuation & Contact Force

– Alan will get this standard withdrawn on next ballot

  • F1682 Travel

– Alan will get this standard withdrawn on next ballot

  • F1997 Switch Sensitivity

– Alan will get this standard withdrawn on next ballot

  • F???? Luminance Curve of Electroluminescent Lamp

– Alan to make changes to draft

– Alan to submit for ballot

  • F???? Interlayer Adhesion – 1neg 1aff

– Michelle will update changes to draft.

– Michelle will give Mike S. latest draft.

– Mike S. will ask other ink manufacturers to review this document and comment on specifically on the marginal failure point.

– Current ballot does not officially end until Feb so any further comments will be forwarded to Michelle & Mike S.

– Revised draft forwarded to Alan for ballot

  • F???? Flammability

– Alan to send latest copy of draft to Brando for minor changes and addition of figures.

– Brando then will send final draft (including figures) back to Alan

– Alan will submit draft to concurrent main & sub ballot


  • F1661 Contact Bounce Time (2002)

– Device Table added to test method

· Ken G. will add test voltage DC in each column

· Ken G. to clean up table and email to Alan by Feb1, 08

– Alan to incorporate changes into draft and submit for ballot.

  • Color F2359

– Negative vote was found to be persuasive

– Alan to submit Negative vote form to ASTM

  • Luminance F2360

– Precision & Bias statement to be added.

– Alan to submit for ballot

  • Force – Displacement F2592

– Need 3 more labs for testing

· KSI – Tony Souza? Ken G. to contact Tony

· Ken G has a customer that may be able to test – Ken will contact.

· Bill D. will send Walter an email of where to send the pilot sample.

· If Ken G can get two more labs Bill will contact ASTM with information on the new labs.

  • UL – Component Recognition Program

– Future tasks include publication of the Outline of Investigation and finalization Test Coupon guidelines. Ian & Crystal

– Ian has asked for feedback on the latest draft of the “Outline of Investigation” by Feb 15, 2008.

  • Contamination Ingress and Penetration – Nigel

– Alan will send Nigel’s drafts to committee for comment.

– Alan will forward any comments to Nigel.

– Nigel to make any changes necessary and present at the June 2008 meeting.

  • F2112 Terminology – needs updating annually – Nigel

– Nigel will be creating a database of Terms from all F01.18 standards.

– Alan to get a “word” file version of each of F01.18 standards so Nigel can work on this and present progress at June 2008 meeting.

  • F1683 Bend & Crease – separate into two Test Methods – Denny

– F1683 Bend – removed Crease

· Ken G. to send Alan Setup Drawing for Fig Feb 15.

· Alan will submit for concurrent main / sub ballot

– F???? Crease – new standard

· Ken G. to send Alan Setup Drawing for Fig 1 by Feb 15.

· Alan will submit for concurrent main / sub ballot

  • Effects of Long Term Environmental Aging of Conductive Inks

– Don Banfield will email the committee to find out who would like to join him in this task group.

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