ASTM Membrane Switch Committee June 2006 Meeting


For a copy of the minutes from this meeting please contact Committee Chairman Alan Burk

Action Items from this Meeting: (if you have completed please let Alan know)

F2073 Short Circuit Test
Alan to submit for reballot with changes after publication
Measuring The Force-Displacement of a Membrane Switch
Once published Alan will submit a revised draft that incorporates new changes to main committee ballot.
Alan to send subcommittee published copy as soon as available.
Standards to be Reballoted so they will not Expire
F1578-01 Contact Closure Cycling Practice
Denny & Mike S. to work together on a proposal for a test method that better identifies the parameters to characterize a membrane switch.
Alan to submit this test method for balloting
F2072-01 Hosedown
Alan to submit to main committee ballot as is (no changes).
Color & Luminance Precision & Bias F2359 & F2360
Will ASTM accept our data? – Bill
Can we interest Durel to send a representative to be on our committee?
Tom Brown to contact Durel.
Force – Displacement Precision & Bias
Pilot Study
Bill to send samples to Ken K. for rigid backer (.25” acrylic) application and connector crimping.
Ken K. to send samples to back to Bill.
Denny to send gold standard and flat probe (.25” diameter)
Bill to initiate pilot study with the 6 labs.
Bill to send results of Pilot study to Alan for distribution to committee.
ILS Study
This will start as soon as pilot study is completed – Bill
UL – Membrane Switch as a Recognized UL Component
Ian will outline a tentative plan of what UL sees as required for submitting a coupon or custom panel for recognition. This will include what is expected in describing and building the sample (size) and what is being considered for testing that will be performed by UL. Ian will send out this information to Alan within 3 weeks of this meeting. Alan will forward to subcommittee members. Ian would like feedback/comments from our subcommittee.
Silver/Carbon Interlayer Conductivity test method
David S. to email Alan latest draft for circulation.
Determining the Luminance Curve of an Electroluminescent Lamp at Ambient Conditions.
Alan to send copy of old draft to David S.
David will revise and send to Alan for distribution to committee.
Contamination Ingress and Penetration
Nigel will add references to table of solutions vs existing test methods.
Alan to distribute to members for review before January meeting.
Brando will prepare a draft for January meeting.
Denny will assist in draft.
Interlayer Adhesion
Shannon & Michelle to create a draft (Bill D. will assist) for January meeting or before.
If ready Alan will distribute to subcommittee
Alan to send Shannon a copy of the standard template for creating a draft.
F2112 Terminology
look at changes / additions needed – Peter M.
Present in January – Peter M.
D3363 Pencil Hardness Test –Neil, Mike S., Allan B., John C
Science of Physical Abuse – written by Mike Suchocki in 2000. Mike asked those interested to read these slides to see if anyone has suggestions of an alternative to Pencil Hardness test.
Mike to send Alan this powerpoint file for distribution.
CMYK standards – Bruce Ridge
January 2007 Bruce will outline an approach for a universal standard and present to committee.
Measuring Color on 2nd Surface Printing – Bruce Ridge
Recommendation method for measurement – Bruce will email to Alan and will distribute to committee before next meeting.
Nazdar Screen Printing Certification Program – Bruce Ridge
Bruce will email Alan explanation of the program for distribution.

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