IADD Expands DVD Educational Series

The International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking has added five new titles to its DVD Educational Series.

DVDs are the perfect way for you or your employees to enrich their knowledge – at your pace, on your schedule. Taped on-site with participation by real diemakers and converters, these programs offer real-world, proven solutions to the kinds of problems you face every day.

Diecutting and Kiss Cutting Polycarbonates can help you decrease your setup times and cut consistently throughout a job run. Learn the latest tips for diecutting and kiss cutting polycarbonate and various plastic substrates. Also covered are types of rule to use (shaved rule vs. ground rule, bevel, point, etc.) in addition to die ejection rubber and optional cutting surfaces.

Engineering a 66” Rotary Segmented Die shows a 6-piece rotary cutting die engineered from scratch to accept multiple insert segments to produce different size boxes by simply sliding the left and right halves apart. See the design, CAD, laser, ruling and rubbering processes. Learn the intricate details that ultimately make this process look simple, from planning the assembly to setting up the die sets on the rotary proofing machine.

Laser 101 Cutting Problems and Solutions demonstrates how a laser operates, the cost to operate and its life span, cut quality of lasers, wattage, power and the type of laser for your converting business. Learn the characteristics of galvo, gantry, speed and accuracy and what to expect with dieboard and materials. Hear about types of material and their cutting characteristics, the power and/or gas requirements for a laser, and the cost of operating CO2 laser and peripherals.

Blanking, Nicking and Rubbering shows that diecutting involves a good understanding of what to do and what NOT to do when blanking, nicking and rubbering. Watch these experts work with the speed of a NASCAR pit crew. This program will help you decide how to get product from one end of the machine to the other in the fastest time possible.

RSP Systems demonstrates that the utilization of printing presses in conjunction with inline finishing systems (RSP) to allow the printer or trade finisher to diecut, perforate, score and Braille emboss at up to 13,000 sheets per hour. What is RSP? What press will it work on? What speeds can you achieve? Is the tooling expensive? Can you diecut and print on the same press? Once you set up a station to diecut, can you go back and print on that station in the future? All of these questions and more are answered here.

Other available titles include:
· Improved Corrugated Nicking Techniques (Rotary and Flat)
· Cutting and Creasing Plastics: A Panel Discussion
· Soft Anvil Rotary Rubbering Technology
· In-House Repairs
· How to Achieve Fast Press Changover on Any and All Presses
· How to Achieve Optimal High-Speed Blanking
· Emboss and DIecut in One Pass with Greater Quality Embossing at High Speeds
· Basics of Foil Stamping and Embossing Set-Up and Makeready
· Combination Foil Stamping and Embossing on Presentation Folders
· Set Bending Made Easy

For additional information, pricing and to download an order form, visit www.iadd.org/publications or contact staff@iadd.org.

IADD is the definitive resource to the diecutting and diemaking industry. For membership information, contact staff@iadd.org or visit the website at www.iadd.org.

For information regarding this press release, contact
Cindy Crouse at 1-815-455-7519 or cccrouse@iadd.org


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