Lustrecal180x54Since 1964, Lustre-Cal has been a leader in the manufacturing of a broad range of printed components, from labels and nameplates to membrane switches and EMI/RFI shielding. Our continual research and development of new applications and testing of new materials, inks, and adhesives keeps us on the cutting edge of technology.

Our expert team is ready to consult with you about options for materials, product construction, engineering, design, and graphics, as well as variables related to product life expectancy and cost efficiency. If the information you require cannot be found on our website, please call us toll-free at (800) 234-6264 or use our contact form to email an inquiry.Lustrecal180x180

Rapid, Cost Effective Prototyping

Lustre-Cal uses the efficiency of laser cutting to produce working prototypes of membrane switches. This laser cutting process reduces the amount of time engineers need to plan into their schedule for developing accuracy in design before purchasing the necessary tooling for production.

Quality Assurance

By controlling all aspects of design and manufacturing in-house, quality is assured, while Total Process Management increases reliability and ensures on-time delivery. Incoming Lustrecal180x168materials are subjected to rigorous IQC and continually inspected for consistency. Parts are inspected after each manufacturing step, finishing with a 100% inspection for function, aesthetic and electrical continuity.

Please contact us for further information, samples or a price quotation.


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