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MSN Press releaseSigma 6 Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electronic component devices and delivers world-class contract manufacturing. One are Sigma 6 focuses on is touch switch user input ease and flexibility in the next generation applications such as of security keypads, cell phones, climate control, ATM’s, consumer and industrial touch screens, automotive dash-boards and hand-held appliances. We set performance and architecture standards for input devices.

Recognizing the unique manufacturing capabilities and explosive application of their enabling manufacturing capabilities, in 2002, Sigma 6 acquired 100% of the product, design and manufacturing assets of Silver Graphics. In operation for almost three decades, Silver Graphics was a pioneer in developing the membrane switch and the emerging use of these components in both consumer and industrial applications. As many end products continue to shrink in size, Silver Graphics has followed the trend by supplying devices that can continue to add functions for end users while reducing size of the end product, and cost to the manufacturer.

Membrane Switch Products

As a result of this acquisition, Sigma 6 Electronics is delivering touch switch electronic input technology to a host of industries including aerospace, appliance, automotive, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, industrial controls, marine, medical, point-of-purchase and telecommunications.

A traditional membrane keypad design may vary in size, complexity, and configurations; a membrane switches manufacturer is not limited to a few of the following:

•    Metal Domes
•    Membrane Panels
•    Membrane Keypads
•    Stainless Steel Keyboards
•    Embossing
•    Membrane PCB
•    Rubber Keypads
•    Backlit Membrane Switch
•    Digital Overlay Printing

Digital and Analog ITO Touch screens

Resistive touch screens are the most popular touchscreen display as they are the least expensive of all touch screens. Sigma 6 Electronics, Inc. manufactures standard and custom resistive touch screens available as both digital touch screens and analog touch screens (4, 5, and 8 wire).

Sigma 6 Marketing Strategy

Sigma 6 membrane switch and touch screen products focus on keypad applications where our industries technology will allow customers to design-in and deliver more functions in their end-product applications.  Sigma 6 is positioned to provide a design edge to the OEM across the board in a broad spectrum of markets.

From the beginning, the culture of Sigma 6 has been determined by the needs of our customers. Among our greatest strengths are:

•    Customer Service
•    Quality Products
•    Competitive Pricing

Manufacturing Capabilities

The ability to dynamically adapt our organization to meet current industry trend demands, Sigma 6 Electronics provides unbeatable value to customers in the US. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA with state-of-the-art expandable production facilities in Southern California along with offshore facilities which ensure great value to customers.

We have also created strategic alliances offering our customers an efficient way to manage the cost of production and distribution, eliminating the need for customers to deal with multiple vendors.

Visit our website at or contact us at:

Sigma 6 Electronics, Inc.
7323 Engineer Road
San Diego, CA. 92111

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