Mistral Keypad Test System

ENG2180x168The Mistral Keypad Test System has been designed to be the least expensive, easiest to use full featured tester for membrane switch assemblies. The idea is to combine a small, smart “pod” with a PC running software that makes full use of the Windows® graphical interface. Make it as easy to set up and use as possible yet include all the features you need. And make it inexpensive enough that you can afford to buy the Mistral Keypad Test System and a new PC (even a laptop) for less than the cost of some competing systems without their required computers.

Mistral is the successor to our popular Stingray Keypad Test System. We’ve significantly increased testing speed (up to 10 times faster) and resistance measurement range (from 10M Ohms to 20M Ohms). The biggest change is how we handle LED testing. You can now specify LED’s just like the manufacturers do, with forward voltage and reverse leakage current.

So compare the Mistral Keypad Test System to any other keypad tester on the market. We think you’ll like what you see.


  • Accuracy +/-2% EngSol180x54
  • Self calibrating
  • Isolation testing to 20M Ohms
  • Tests Switch resistance and bounce, LED’s and Permanent Connections EngSol180x90
  • Measures LED Forward Voltage and Reverse Leakage Current
  • Specify switch and permanent connection reistance as Max/Min Res or Nominal Res/Tolerance
  • Switch life cycle testing with full logging capability
  • Audible feedback for “no look” testing
  • Learn new keypads in seconds
  • Design and print custom labels
  • Probe function; touch a probe to any point on a keypad to identify a pin
  • Graphical design and editing of keypad files
  • Lowest cost of ownership on the market
  • Rugged metal enclosure
  • Connector adapter included to eliminate custom fixtures
  • 30 test points (expandable to 62)
  • USB connection to any PC running Windows® ME, NT or 2000, no card to install in your computer
  • One year warranty

Pricing 30 day money back guarantee

30 point & 62 point Stingray systems include:
Stingray, Software, Test Probe, 0.100″ Connector Adapter, Flat Ribbon Cable, Serial Cable, 110VAC/60Hz Power Supply
(90-260VAC/47-63Hz Power Supply in place of 110VAC/60Hz add $35)

30 Point Mistral Keypad Test System

All units come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1 Year Warranty

62 Point Mistral Keypad Test System

1mm Pitch Adapter Board for the Mistral Membrane Switch Tester

ENG1180x180Engineering Solutions Inc. announced today a 1mm pitch (FPC tail) adapter board for their Stingray Membrane Switch Tester.
As a result of many requests this new board makes it easy to test membrane switches with 1mm pitch flat flex circuit tail.
There is a left-hand and right-hand version of this connector board. If used at the same time allows two (adjacent or separated) tails to be tested at the same time. To use both boards at the same time requires the 62 test point system of the Stingray.
Each board has a one vertical connector (30 pin) and one horizonal connector (30 pin).
Qty 1-9: $30.00 each
Qty 10+: $20.00 each
Part Numbers
Right-Hand: # 108-CA-1mm-R
Left -Hand: # 108-CA-1mm-L

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