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New CPS Screen Wash Combines Regulatory Compliance With High Performance

Schauburg, IL, August 8, 2005 – MacDermid Autotype, Inc. introduces CPS Aquawash LS, a low-odor, low-VOC screen wash for cleaning UV-curable, solvent-based and textile inks from screens prior to reclaiming. Aquawash LS is an excellent choice for screen printers who seek to combine product performance with operator friendliness and environmental compliance. This product complies with regulations required by Southern California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District.

AutoTypeAquawash LS is a concentrated formula that is mixed one-to-one with water prior to use producing a voc of only 80g/l. This reduces shipping costs, and the low-VOC formulation eliminates shipping charges for hazardous materials. The product evaporates slowly, remaining active on the screen longer, thereby reducing product wastage and employee exposure. CPS Aquawash LS can also be used in place of existing ink solubilizers in automated screen cleaning systems.

MacDermid Autotype, Inc. is part of MacDermid Incorporated, a worldwide manufacturer of proprietary specialty chemical products and materials for the electronics, metal finishing and graphic arts industries. MacDermid Autotype specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of films and chemicals for traditional printing and digital imaging markets and for high-tech industrial and optical applications. For further information, contact Neil Bolding, Marketing Manager, at (800) 323-0632.

Autotype Capillex CX Receives SGIA Product Innovation Award

Autotype180x180Schaumburg, IL, June 18, 2005 — A new concept in capillary stencil films has been recognized by the SGIA and awarded the inaugural Product Innovation of the Year Award at this year’s SGIA Membrane Switch Symposium, held on June 15-16 in Indianapolis. Capillex CX, a ‘controlled profile’ capillary film from Autotype, was presented by Alan Anderson, VP of Education and Management Services for the SGIA. Capillex CX was developed specifically for industrial screen printing applications that use coarser mesh counts and require relatively thick ink deposits.

“The main criteria differentiating Capillex CX from the rest of the competition,” commented Anderson, “was that it could be incorporated immediately into the membrane switch manufacturing process and make a significant impact to save the company money and improve product quality.”

Capillex CX represents a new concept in capillary films from Autotype and focuses on producing consistent and reliable stencils with the optimum combination of stencil roughness (Rz) and stencil profile thickness (EOM). Producing this delicately balanced combination of surface roughness and stencil thickness has presented a difficult challenge with direct emulsions, as well as conventional capillary films. Capillex CX is designed to produce a stencil that is thin enough to prevent an image flaw called negative sawtoothing that results from excessive stencil thickness, without the rough stencil surface and associated sawtoothed image edges that lead to positive sawtoothing on the print. The ability of Capillex CX to produce a consistently smooth stencil surface and thin stencil profile over a wide range of mesh counts represents the ‘controlled profile’ concept.

New Autotype Film Substrate Has Antimicrobial Properties

Autotype180x168Schaumburg, IL, April 06, 2005 — The range of Autotex textured hardcoated polyester films for industrial screen printing applications now includes Autotex AM with Microban® antimicrobial product protection. This unique substrate is designed for surface applications where inhibiting the growth of microorganisms is essential or desirable.

Autotex AM combines antimicrobial protection with the proven benefits of the Autotex product line: a scratch resistant, chemical resistant first surface and an ink receptive second surface. The new product hasbeen extensively tested and proven to inhibit the growth of a wide range of bacteria that can cause odors and stains. The antimicrobial protection of Microban works by penetrating the cell walls of microorganisms and disrupting their cell functions, rendering them unable to function, grow or reproduce. Although Autotex AM will not eliminate the need for general cleanliness, it will provide constant protection against the growth of bacteria, as the antimicrobial properties last the life of the film.

The combination of Autotex film and Microban product protection make this an ideal substrate for membrane keyboards, fascia panels, wall coverings, shelf and bench tops and many more products requiring durability and antimicrobial protection. End use applications include products designated for use in environments such as hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, schools, hotels, airports, retail stores, government offices and recreational centers.

Macdermid Autotype’s New Delta II Film can be Imaged on Either Side

MacDermid Autotype, a leading international manufacturer of high performance films for the graphic arts industry, has announced the release of Autotype Delta II, a new low-cost, double-sided, frosted film that can be imaged on either side in a laser printer.

According to the company, Delta II, which replaces Delta at the same price, requires no postchemical process and is ideal for screen printing applications. The new film produces dense, black images compared to vellum-based positives and absorbs less UV light during exposure, resulting in better quality stencil images.

MACDERMID Autotype’s Neil Bolding Inducted Into SGIA Academy

ROLLING MEADOWS, Illinois, November 12, 2007 – MacDermid Autotype announces that Neil Bolding, a 24 year veteran employee of the company, was inducted into the SGIA Academy of Screen Print Technology (ASPT) during the recent 2007 SGIA trade show in Orlando, Florida, October 24-27, 2007. ASPT members represent the highest level of technological expertise in the screen printing industry and are recognized as authorities in their field. Members are chosen on the basis of their demonstrated ability and willingness to assist in the betterment of the industry.

Neil Bolding, MacDermid Autotype’s Business Support Manager, is a 25-year veteran of the printing industry. He is experienced in production and QC functions, primarily in the customer technical support field. Over the years, Neil has been a regular contributor to SGIA’s training programs.

About MacDermid Autotype

MacDermid Autotype, transforms and enhances the performance of films for many high technology and demanding applications. In recent years MacDermid Autotype has brought screen printing to new levels of control and repeatability, reinforcing the benefits of the process for new applications such as flexible circuit printing, DVD and industrial glass printing. MacDermid Autotype is the leading global innovator, designer, developer and manufacturer of specialized coating technology for films used in a wide range of applications. These include MacDermid Autotype Press touch and vision systems, membrane switches, Film Insert Moulding (FIM) products for the
automotive, telecommunications and domestic appliances sector and screen printing. Most recently it launched hard coated films with antimicrobial protection for cleaner critical surface applications, and diffuser and anti-reflection films for us in flat panel displays. The company is part of Denver, Colorado-based MacDermid Inc., a leading supplier of offset blanket and flexo plates.

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MacDermid Autotype Inc., 1675 Winnetka Circle, Rolling Meadows, IL  60008.

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