Membrane Switch Terms

Terms to use in the research of the membrane switch industry:


Membrane Switch

Membrane switch panels

Tactile membrane switch

2-shot molding

Adhesive Back lighting

Backlighting close tolerance printing

Conductive silver control panels

Discrete switches


El lamps backlighting

Fiber optic lamps

Hybrid keypads

Input devices

Interface products


Hybrid keyboards

Hybrid keypads

Hybrid keyswitches

Membrane keyboards

Membrane keypads

Membrane switches

Membrane keyswitches

Membrane metal domes

Membrane poly domes

Membrane polyester domes

Membrane polymer thick film

Membrane pressure sensative adhesive

LED’s switches

Membrane tactile domes

Pressure sensitive adhesive acrylic adhesives

Polycarbonate lexan

Conductive rubber technology

Touch screens

Capacitive touch screen

Resistive touch screens


Graphic overlays

Spacer Dome

Printed resistors

Embedded LED’s



Splashproof Emi/rfi ESD

Tactile domes

Tactile switches

Tactile graphic

Printed resistors

Surface mount

El lamps

Fiber optic lamps

Stock switches


Touch screen keyboard

Vandal resistant

Graphic Overlay

Overlay Graphic

Circuit Conductive

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