Packaged Membrane

A Packaged Membrane Switch is a purchased component. By itself satisfies the membrane switch definition by having both a membrane layer and static layer internal to the switchpackaged enclosure.

Most packaged membrane switches have a tactile response created by a collapsing elastomer key, polyester or metal suspended internally in the switch package.

Packaged membrane switches have two pins for soldering to a PCB. The soldering connects both poles of the switch to the PCB but also provides mechanical stability.

A multiple switch array is created by soldering many of these packaged membrane switches to a PCB in a predetermined arrangement.

Then, by decorating with a screen printed or elastomer graphic layer will present to the user what appears and feels like a conventional flex membrane switch.

Packaged membrane switches are popular for those applications where key legends are changing often.

Packaged switches can also be replaced if needed which in some applications can be easier than replacing the entire membrane switch assembly.

Alan Burk

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