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High Temperature Substrates for Printed Electronics

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Polyonics Inc., established in 1995, is acknowledged by many as a global leader in high performance film, tape and label materials. We specialize in engineered solutions for the electronics, electrical, aerospace and automotive industries. We would like to let you know that for those printed and flexible electronic applications that require high processing temperatures...read more »

Wilson-Hurd Introduces Rapid Prototype Program

By admin

Wilson-Hurd has introduced a new Rapid Membrane Switch Prototype Program. This new offering features fast delivery of membrane switch prototypes – as fast as 5 business days from receipt of order to shipment of parts. Wilson-Hurd is able to accomplish this quick delivery by utilizing its digital printing and laser-cutting capabilities. “Our new Rapid...read more »

MaxTech Announces NEW Printed Electronic.

By admin

SensTouch is a revolutionary printed electronic technology offered by MaxTech Circuit. SensTouch keypads re-creates the feel of a capacitive switch at a fraction of the cost. SensTouch achieves a very low actuation force using a patented resistive non-tactile, very thin construction. When the thin overlay material is touched, very little force or movement is...read more »

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